Light laboratory


1. Light laboratory

To ensure the controlled quality, MasterPro GmbH operates its own light laboratory. There, tests are carried out on light sources using sophisticated measuring technology and in conformity with DIN standards to test their quality from industrial standpoints. The many years of experience of our employees and our advanced laboratory technology are a solid foundation for performing measurements based on national and international standards.

2. Instruments

Among the essential quantities of a light source that need to be measured are the light flux, radiated power, luminance, and illumination Also important are parameters related to the light color such as quantitative spectral distribution, color temperature, and the color rendering index according to DIN 6169. One of the most important precision measuring methods in this context is spectrophotometry. The largest instruments in our laboratory are a sphere photometer and a spectrophotometer.

3. Integrating sphere

The sphere photometer, also called an integrating sphere, is a hollow metal sphere which is opened in 2 halves in the vertical axis. With an inner diameter of 2 meters and opening aperture of 0.8 meters, the system can accommodate lamps, complete luminaires, and even modules consisting of several LED arrays. Inside, the integrating sphere is coated with white barium sulfate, which reflects light diffusely and homogeneously. The illuminant to be measured is positioned in the center of the sphere photometer, where the light density sensor is also located.

4. Measuring equipment

The integrating sphere is also highly suitable for comparative measurements or for CIE-compliant measurement of high-power and low-power LED. With this measuring equipment, our employees can provide precise information about illuminants and lights with a light source test report. Manchmal verfügen Sie nicht über Zeit und Mühe oder einfach nur aus irgendwelchen Gründen, die Sie nicht erreichen können bachelor thesis ghostwriter zu unseren Diensten. Finden Sie Ihre Abschlussarbeit von Spezialisten, solange Sie keine Zeit dafür haben! Every 12 months we have representatives of the manufacturer perform a wavelength calibration, a spectral calibration, and an absolute calibration.

Measuring technology and equipment in the laboratory:
  • PHOTO 2000 (multiphotometer, sphere photometer / integrating sphere) diameter 2.0 m
  • HAAS Spectroradiometer, (high-resolution spectroradiometer) for measuring: color coordinate (x, y / u', v') / color temperature, CRI (Ra, Ri (i= 1 - 14)), relative spectral light distribution P, light flux, luminous power
  • Adjustable Reference Ballast DYJ
  • 2 x Digital Power Meter PF9810
  • Digital CC&CV DC Power Supply WY305 (power supply unit for light sources / supplies linear constant current with high stability for precise current and voltage monitoring)
  • AC Testing Power Source DPS1010
  • UV-VIS-near IR Spectrophotocolorimeter PSM-80
  • 2 x CH316 MULTIWAY Life Tester (for measuring the switching resistance of common and LED lamps)

5. Illuminant test

Here, measurements are made of burning time until total failure and of switching resistance. At up to 100,000 circuits are tested in a cycle of “1 minute on – 3 minutes off”. Service life is tested with several lamps following DIN EN 60969.